Opportunity For Additional Bins

To better achieve the goals of the Park Recycling Infrastructure grants to expand recycling opportunities in on-the-go locations, Keep America Beautiful has arranged for grant applicants to independently purchase  the same styles of recycling bins provided through the grant at a discount. Both applicants receiving grants and those who do not, will have the opportunity to purchase the recycling and / or matching trash bins directly from our designated vendors. Exact pricing and purchasing details will be provided in July, after the grant awards have been announced. An approximate price range for each of the styles is provided below for general reference.

Preference for Matching Investment

Applicants are not required or expected to purchase bins to be eligible for grants. However, preference will be given, where other criteria are even, to applicants that commit to buy at least one additional recycling bin for every three awarded through the grant. Those who agree to a matching purchase in their application would be expected to issue a purchase order directly to the vendor within a fixed period of time as a final condition for receiving the free bins through the grant.

The purposes of the new selection preference are to:

  • Place more recycling bins in park locations than would otherwise be possible through the grant alone.
  • Leverage KAB’s purchasing arrangement to provide communities a lower cost bin option than normally available.
  • Encourage communities receiving grants to invest further in their park recycling programs.

Recycling and Trash Bin Pricing

Following the announcement of the grant awards on July 8, all applicants will receive complete details including a special promotional code to purchase bins. The offer will be limited to a brief period following the announcement. Exact pricing will provided with this announcement, however, the following range is provided for general planning reference.

Style #1:” Landscape”  –  $320

Style #2:  “General Purpose”  – $60

Style #3: “Round” – $360

Style #4: “Transition” –  Price TBD



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