Guidance For Applications

Grants are awarded competitively, and we typically receive many more requests for bins than we are able to fill.  review the following for tips about how you can increase your chances of receiving a grant.

General Guidance

Before starting the application:

  • Read through the selection criteria (see bottom of page) and think through your project’s strengths to address each. Are your responses providing the relevant information for reviewers to understand whether the project meets the criteria?
  • Read the entire application before starting to better anticipate which information is relevant for which questions.

Make your responses detailed but concise.

  • Provide specific details that allow reviewers to understand and evaluate how the bins would be used and why the project has merit.
  • Avoid excessive incidental information. With many application to screen, long winded responses can cause reviewers to lose focus without absorbing the most important points you want to make.

Have a well thought out project plan
Demonstrate that your proposal is based on careful planning and commitment to the project. The reviewer wants to know that the bins will be part of a professionally managed recycling program. While some planning details may not be answerable up front, lots of vague answers or cursory answers can suggest a project has not been thought out and that the applicant is not investing the level of effort to ensure the recycling program is successful.

Match the Grant with additional bin purchase
Applicants that agree to purchase additional recycling bins beyond those provided by the grant will be given preference. Click here for details.

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Potential to Increase Recycling   There is a large quantity of recyclable beverage containers to recover in locations where bins would be placed.
  • Planning and Organization   Proposal is well thought out; applicant has done their homework to get recycling program established and ensure it’s long term sustainability.
  • Strength of Proposal   Relevant details provided to evaluate plan; demonstrates recycling knowledge to successfully implement program.
  • Tracking Performance Metrics   Presents detailed plan for how weights of recyclable materials will be tracked over time;  further consideration given to applicants willing to track and report additional performance metrics.




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