Research has shown that lack of convenient access to recycling bins is one of the main barriers preventing people from recycling. Lifestyles have changed, and people increasingly consumed beverage containers and other items away from home.  The purpose of a public space recycling bin is to bring the convenience and value of recycling to an “on-the-go” society.  Providing recycling access in shared community spaces promotes and reinforces recycling behavior at the individual level.  The Park Recycling Bin Grant program is designed specifically to assist communities in expanding recycling opportunities to park settings.

How It Works
The program offers two styles of recycling bins designed for use in local, regional and state park settings. Apply on-line and describe your program needs, request your preferred bin type, and tell us how many you would like to receive. After grant recipients are selected, Keep America Beautiful will contact grantees to confirm details and arrange to have suppliers deliver bins directly to the recipients. To help further expand park recycling programs, grantees will be eligible to purchase additional bins of the same style at a discounted price.

The grant program is open to all government agencies that own or manage local, regional or state parks. Nonprofit organizations and Keep America Beautiful affiliates are also eligible to apply on behalf of government agencies. For-profit businesses are not eligible to receive grants.

Click here to view the list of 2016 grant recipients.

When To Apply
Grants are awarded annually, with applications typically accepted during a month-long period. Applications open January 25 and the deadline to submit is February 24.

Click here to download a copy of the application (PDF) to review the questions before submitting a formal proposal online.  Note: applications will only be accepted online using the link below.

Click here to apply

To receive an email  when the next cycle is announced, click this link to add your name to our notification list.

How Proposals Are Evaluated
The goal of the grant program is to help local communities increase the number of beverage containers recovered for recycling.  Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Potential to Increase Recycling
  • Planning and Organization
  • Strength of Proposal
  • Tracking Performance Metrics

Note: The grant program receives a large number of applications and as a result is very competitive. For additional guidance to make your application competitive, click here.

Optional Litter Index & Waste Audit Stipends
Grant applicants are invited to support Keep America Beautiful’s efforts to better understand the impact of recycling in public space areas. Cash stipends will be available to selected grant recipients interested to conduct a series of litter indexes in the immediate area where they  bins are placed. The grant recipient would be expected to do an initial baseline survey or audit this summer before the recycling bins are installed, and repeat them on two additional occasions after their installation. Applicants interested to participate in either or both can indicate this when prompted on their grant application.  Additional details and a separate consultation will be done with those interested communities selected to receive a recycling bin grant.

Optional Signage Stipends
Similar to the litter index stipends described above, Keep America Beautiful will work with handful of organizations receiving recycling bins to test the effectiveness of special signage to improve the correct sorting of discarded items in the target area. The funds will cover the cost to install special signage and conduct waste audits to measure their impact on recovery and contamination rates.

Additional Details
Visit the FAQ page for more information about best management practices and reporting requirements.

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